Licensing programs can provide intellectual property asset and brand owners with a near effortless stream of revenue. Such arrangements can allow businesses to create new markets and expand their existing markets with minimal risk or overhead costs. However, for both parties to benefit and be protected, these relationships must be established and managed properly.

The firm has extensive experience representing both intellectual property licensors and licensees in connection with transactions, joint ventures and merchandising programs. We represent technology developers and owners who wish to commercialize their intellectual property, as well as businesses that require cutting-edge solutions to improve current business processes or to support new business offerings. We have structured strategic plans for licensors that maximize their benefit, while protecting the integrity and value of the brand. We have found creative solutions that balance the quality control concerns of a technology or brand owner with the licensee’s ability to operate its business effectively.

We assist throughout the licensing cycle, from assessing the assets, to developing strategy, to carefully crafting the agreements and effectively managing the relationship. We are experienced in highly specialized areas such as open source software, privacy and security issues and competitive bidding. Many of our attorneys have significant experience in particular industries and are familiar with the unique issues impacting those industries.

Open Source review. We can manage reviews of the software of acquisition targets, or your company’s software, to identify open source or 3rd party software that should be purged. We work with vendors that provide the scanning capability, and determine how to deal with code found – obtaining licenses, changing the code, confirming no significant risk, etc.