Rapidly evolving spending habits have intensified competition in the consumer goods sector. Buyers have become more health and environmentally-conscious, and the marketplace tries to keep up byproducing items to match these social developments. Likewise, retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods know that to grow or stay profitable, one must operate more efficiently. Ironically, the same technology used to innovate and cut costs is sometimes used to steal proprietary information to gain an unfair advantage.

In response, Kilpatrick Townsend addresses our clients’ needs regarding all aspects of their business, from inception to closing. Our experience representing companies in key practice areas — including branding, advertising, and trademark; corporate and finance; environmental; labor and employment; operational issues; patent counseling, prosecution, and litigation; product management; as well as real estate — uniquely qualifies us to help our clients succeed in this highly competitive business environment.

 Our diverse client base includes manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and suppliers of household appliances and tools, office services and supplies, tobacco companies, trading companies and distributors, textiles (non-apparel), metal and glass containers, recreational products, personal and household products, paper products, packaging materials, pet supplies, music production and distribution, and sporting goods. Our extensive industry experience helps our clients’ businesses grow and succeed, while protecting their brand equity.